Youth for Youth.

The volunteers behind CYF, Hambantota 2013.

“Every moment is precious to those who know the value of time”

Time, the most precious and the most irreversible phenomenon is a priceless gift offered for the humans. Simultaneously,  youth; the utmost energizing cherished phase comes merely once in a lifetime. Thus, there are unique individuals who sacrifice their treasured energy of the youth with its weight in gold on behalf of the others’ wellbeing indeed.

Volunteers; the 82 outstanding non-voluptuary young individuals who bridge this gap between the youth and time are the ones whose untiring efforts have contributed immensely to make the Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF), Hambantota, 2013 an enormous success. The Sri Lankan youth volunteering force dedicated their fullest strength and selfless spirit to ensure that the youth participants across the Commonwealth fulfill their undeniably set goals at CYF, 2013 by raising their voices in the Commonwealth platform.

Working for others, working with others and caring others play a significant role in the world of volunteers, who work day and night envisaging all the obstacles in the equal strength with all their team spirit and enthusiasm. Moreover, handling matters with the local delegates, extending a helping hand towards the officials to carry out the event management,  media, communication, ushering, transportation, food and beverages, stationery and crowd controlling tasks with all the other immeasurable duties are the ones which are being placed on the volunteer shoulders.

End of the day, challenges make people stronger. The more you struggle, the more you become stronger. Therefore, the volunteers take the privilege of ameliorating all the soft skills along with work, communication and interpersonal skills and ethics of professionalism with all the exciting bitter sweet experiences in this event.

After all, it is all about the spirit of young blood, whose tremendous hard work cannot be paid off easily. Sri Lanka youth volunteer force with its self esteem and yearning memories gathered via CYF 2013 will generously contribute to the growth of humanity in the upcoming youth events with more endurance, more skills and more energy.