Nooranie Muthaliph

Nooranie Muthaliph (26) is currently attached to the Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka (FPA Sri Lanka) as a Territory Manager – promoting contraceptives through its Social Marketing Programme.

Educational background
Nooranie completed his Primary & Secondary Education in Colombo and holds a Professional Qualification in Human Resources Management and currently reads for his B.A. in Business Management. He has also followed Social Sciences at the Open University of Colombo.

Experiences in Youth related work
Nooranie represents the civil society in the National Steering Committee for the Formulation of the National Youth Policy and the Strategic Plan for Sri Lanka – appointed and chaired by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skill Development. He has been with FPA for the last three years, where he held positions such as Manager – Special Projects, Programme officer – Advocacy and Youth Focal Point. He has also been engaged in leading NGOs such as Sarvodaya Sharamadhana Movement; Regional conferences such as the International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (8th ICAAP – 2007); International youth movements such as Global Youth Coalition on AIDS (GYCA) & the Rotaract Movement; local initiatives such as Beyond Borders, the National Youth Coalition on Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights and the Civil Society Coalition to support the Formulation of the National Youth Policy in Sri Lanka; grassroots initiatives such as the Candlelight Memorial in remembering people living with HIV and HIV awareness. He has also been a Scout and a Scouter over a decade, while he also served in the Executive Committee of the Scout Association in Colombo for two years. Nooranie is also a Board member of the AIDS Foundation of Lanka and has been in the corporate world very briefly. He uses social media and photography for change in his work.

Special Achievements
Nooranie is a President Scout – the highest award a scout can achieve in Sri Lanka and have been recognized for his leadership role in most of his engagements.

Future ambitions
Being a young and energetic youth activist and a change agent, Nooranie have been involved in the Development Sector for the last seven years. Extremely passionate about people in the changing world and issues which are tied up to development, drives him in advocating for change. He envisions “contributing towards the greater collision of making positive change in the world” through: being a stakeholder of different initiatives of the development processes; building up networks across the globe and mentoring and guiding the youth in transforming the world.