Little things make big things happen.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” -John Wooden- Think about a gigantic metal structure. If one single nut is missing, the whole structure will definitely collapse. Since the general way of seeing things is being impressed by the explicit, the chances of being admired by the implicit are rare in reality. Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) 2013, Hamban... »

My experience as a volunteer at Commonwealth Youth Forum

CHOGM 2013, that’s what the media used to advertise the upcoming event which was to be held in Sri Lanka. As a youth involved in the legal profession I was really thinking how the huge global event shall benefit the country and the community as a whole. However I wasn’t aware of the forum representing us the youth of the world until a friend of mine Lahiru Dissanayake told me, Yajish I am voluntee... »

A Voice of My Generation

They say that volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience and just plain love for one another. Let me start off by telling you who I am and why I wished to engage with the Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) 2013. My name is Sahani Dikkumbura, I’m 19 years old and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Mark... »

From Strangers to Siblings…

People have a passion for others with same ideas, same characteristics, same attitudes, same complexion, same language and culture, same issues and same desires. Apparently, they do not like to mingle with the ones with contrasting cross cultural and cross lingual aspects under circumstances of their stereo typical differences. The distinguished youthful delegates who participated in the Commonwea... »

“We Must View Young People Not as Empty Bottles to be Filled but as a Candle to be Lit” Robert Shaffer

Hey guys I’m Lushanya Dayathilake (19) ……. I joined as a volunteer for the CHOGM youth forum. I Personally believe that the hidden idea behind the youth forum is to enlighten the youth to overcome tomorrows darkness. well I would like to pen my experiences here as a young volunteer for the CHOGM youth forum. I virtually connect with young people all over the world via facebook, s... »

Volunteering at ICC Center Hambantota for Commonwealth Youth Forum

  Velum.   Haste filled in glory heads, least of pride may conquer it, gust of brain, will it flow towards? justice, will it come along?   Smile, should it be avaricious, Greetings, conquers with timeliness, Meetings casted in craziness, Volunteers why would you always see it as it is…   Whatsoever the circumstances, Whosoever made the consequences, When-however your mind is jammed, Ros... »


Youth is the future. This is the common consensus many tend to share. However, one might argue that the youth is the present since the actions we, the youth take today determine the future. The 9th commonwealth youth forum in Hambantota, Sri Lanka has merely come to an end and I would like to share my volunteer experience with you all. Firstly, as a SRI LANKAN I am proud to be on the hosting side,... »

Experiences of Youth on CYF

Youth are rebellious, youth are passionate, youth are the change makers, The youth don’t plan but they dream, youth don’t submit but they challenge, When such youth come together in one platform called the commonwealth youth forum. Anything can happen because the youth are unique. However the things which the youth talk about in this forum needs to be taken seriously by the adults (commonwealth he... »

Commonwealth Youth Forum 2013

Being a youth is not an easy task. Dreams to be aspired and when alert in common issues which are to be addressed for a better world today and tomorrow the youth of the country hold responsibility. The Commonwealth Youth Forum happening in Hambantota, Sri Lanka is an ideal platform for me as a Sri Lankan youth. Me born in the time of conflict in the country and grown up in that context and then se... »

Youth for Youth.

The volunteers behind CYF, Hambantota 2013. “Every moment is precious to those who know the value of time” Time, the most precious and the most irreversible phenomenon is a priceless gift offered for the humans. Simultaneously,  youth; the utmost energizing cherished phase comes merely once in a lifetime. Thus, there are unique individuals who sacrifice their treasured energy of the yo... »

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