• Youth Leaders will identify priorities for youth; • Make resolutions and agree on a youth-led development work that will be implemented by the Commonwealth Youth Council in collaboration with national youth councils/bodies, Governments, Commonwealth partner agencies and other regional or international bodies; • The recommendations of CYF shared with CHOGM, various Commonwealth Ministers’ Meeting... »

Objectives of the CYF

To provide a platform for young people to set and manage their own agenda and contribute to development and democracy work in the Commonwealth; • To demonstrate and celebrate the role andcontribution of young people in promoting democracy and development; • To promote meaningful cultural exchange and cooperation among youth across the Commonwealth; • To provide an opportunity for young people to c... »


The Commonwealth Youth Forum meets every two years bringing together youth leaders of National Youth Councils/bodies from across the Commonwealth to agree on and set policy/programmes/priorities that they as youth leaders will focus on to address the challenges and opportunities facing young people today. »


At the Edinburgh CHOGM in 1997 a range of parallel ‘People’s’ or ngo Commonwealth initiatives were developed. Among the most visible was a pan Commonwealth voice for young people - the inaugural Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF). CYF 2 Durban, South Africa in 1999; CYF 3 Gold Coast, Australia in 2001; CYF4 in Abuja, Nigeria in 2003; CYF5 in Malta in 2005; CYF6 in Uganda in November ... »