About Commonwealth Youth Forum


At the Edinburgh CHOGM in 1997 a range of parallel ‘People’s’ or ngo Commonwealth initiatives were developed. Among the most visible was a pan Commonwealth voice for young people – the inaugural Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF).

CYF 2 Durban, South Africa in 1999;
CYF 3 Gold Coast, Australia in 2001;
CYF4 in Abuja, Nigeria in 2003;
CYF5 in Malta in 2005;
CYF6 in Uganda in November 2007;
CYF7 in Trinidad and Tobago in 2009;
CYF8 in Perth Australia in 2011.


The Commonwealth Youth Forum meets every two years bringing together youth leaders of National Youth Councils/bodies from across the Commonwealth to agree on and set policy/programmes/priorities that they as youth leaders will focus on to address the challenges and opportunities facing young people today.

Objectives of the CYF

To provide a platform for young people to set and manage their own agenda and contribute to development and democracy work in the Commonwealth;
To demonstrate and celebrate the role and contribution of young people in promoting democracy and development;
To promote meaningful cultural exchange and cooperation among youth across the Commonwealth;
To provide an opportunity for young people to contribute to the Commonwealth wide agendas and priorities including contributions to the CHOGMs.


Youth Leaders will identify priorities for youth;

Make resolutions and agree on a youth-led development work that will be implemented by the Commonwealth Youth Council in collaboration with national youth councils/bodies, Governments, Commonwealth partner agencies and other regional or international bodies;

The recommendations of CYF shared with CHOGM, various Commonwealth Ministers’ Meetings, the Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth organizations and in addition,

the National Youth leaders are expected to take back key information and action plans to share with and mobilise the young people of their countries at a national level.

Main Elements of the CYF

  1. General Assembly of CYC
  2. Cultural Exchange
  3. Youth in Service
  4. Capacity Building
  5. Innovation and Inspiration